The 2008 annual meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President Jean Kelly.  In excess of 35 members attended, the quorum was met and the meeting proceeded.


Approval of agenda as circulated was moved by Wayne Levy and seconded by Bill Jardine.  Carried.


The minutes from the 2007 annual meeting were read by Executive Director Don Chandler.   No further business arose from the minutes.

It was moved by Ron MacKinnon and seconded by Wayne Levy that the minutes be adopted as read.  Carried.


ANNUAL REPORTS – Copy of each report is on file.  President Jean Kelly suggested we move adoption and seconding of reports  at the conclusion of all presentations all members agreed.


CANADA GAMES TEAM   Coach Anne Chouinard gave an overview of the Canada Games Girls Team.   During the summer of 2008, after a qualification which saw 16 junior girls participate, 8 qualified to play the Pepsi Junior Order of Merit Tour.  This team of 8 played a total of 8 competitive rounds after which a point system determined the top 3  who would make up our girls team and a 4th as an alternate.  These members are Katie White, Michaela Misener, Erin Brown, and Molly Molyneaux (alternate).    In October 2008 the boys and girls team came together as one unit.  A spring training camp south of the border (TBD) is being planned for a week.  Summer training will take place at the Canadian Golf Academy and Brudenell River.  Dave Bowlan will assist in coaching up to the games.


CN FUTURE LINKS – Submitted by Jason Stagg.  Ann Chouniard reported there were mobile 31 successful clinics in 11 weeks across Prince Edward Island and provided a solid foundation for beginning junior golfers and a fun atmosphere for the kids attending with a total of 720 juniors enrolled in all the activities.  The 2008 schedule was built to deliver 2, 3, or even 4 clinics per day depending on the area visited each week.  We are looking at modifying the online registration system as only half the registrants are showing up to the sessions.

A probable solution is an online pre-payment at the time of registration to ensure participation.  Maximum capacity is 30 juniors.

The CN Future Links Lori Kane Provincial Skills Competition was held at the Canadian Golf Academy and had 90 junior golfers attending.


        SENIOR MENS TOUR – Submitted by Cliff Goodwin (Don Chandler)

The King of Clubs Tour completed its 9th season in 2008 with 523 golfers participating in 12 events during May, June, September and October.  This season we operated with two divisions – Seniors (55-64 years) and Super Seniors (65 plus).

The report also includes rankings for the Senior Division, Super Senior Division.


Twelve male senior Island golfers attended the Maritime Senior Challenge in Moncton, NB on June 9th, 2008.  The Islanders won the Bronze medal.


COURSE RATING & HANDICAPS – Wayne Levy reported that 18 courses were rated and completed in 2008 and the Island is now up to date on its course ratings.

He indicated any new courses would be rated every three years up to their ninth year and all older courses are then rated every ten years.

The online handicap system was up and running in 2008 with 15 P.E.I. courses using the online handicap system.  There were a total of 44,052 scores posted in P.E.I. in 2008.

Fred Coady gave information that 1/3 of the Island courses are on stand alone computers.  This type of technology will not be supported anymore.  Don Chandler then added that Matt MacKay from the RCGA is willing to come to P.E.I. and train course owners on the RCGA Network handicap online system.


RULES – Fred Coady reported that Jim Coady and Ken MacGregor are now certified Level 3 in rules.  Level 3 is at the Provincial level and if you wish to be ruling on a national event you will need Level 4 certification.  There will be a session in Halifax in the Spring for Level 4 certification, if anyone is interested they can contact Fred Coady.

Fred is also offering to come to various courses and explain to the members of that course the rules of golf and answer any questions.   Please book as soon as possible as he is getting booked up.


JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT GIRLS – Debbie Buchanan reported 12 girls participated in the Rosebud Tour.  She is hopeful that 2 girls from the Rosebud Tour will be ready for the Order of Merit Tour next year.

Girls Club was available to 1 school in 2008 and the program ran for 1 day so that these girls could get the feel of golf and encourage them to become junior golfers in the future.


PEPSI JUNIOR ORDER OF MERIT – Dean Campbell thanked the golf clubs for their continuing support – Avondale, Glen Afton, Glasgow Hills, Stanhope, Anderson’s Creek, Eagles Glenn, Belvedere and Brudenell.  The 2008 Order of Merit saw the reintroduction of female golfers on the tour and he thanked Ann Chouinard for her time and helping the girls prepare for both the Junior Merit and Canada Games.

The order of merit this year worked in conjunction with the Canada Games program.


Dean is hoping for more sponsorship into the Junior Golf program.  Dean mentioned plans to offer two $1000.00 scholarship,  one for male and one for female, who graduate 3from the Order of Merit.  This money will be given directly to the college or university. Dean also recommended that courses identify their junior players and create a culture as they will be the future players of golf.



GOVERNORS REPORT – Fred Coady reported that financial support for National Competitions has not changed for 2009.  However, there maybe cut backs in 2010.  RCGA has developed a Strategic Plan and with this, some senior management within the RCGA and some workers have been replaced with newer people and we require patience when dealing with the new people.  Sponsor money will not be affected.  Fred also reviewed the Governance change which will be Governor Council and Provincial Council.  Category C governors will now be under the Governors Council.   In 2010 Governors Council to be picked by Governors themselves.  Fred noted that P.E.I. will require a new governor after this year, as he will be stepping down.

He mentioned that the RCGA is glad to becoming to P.E.I. for the Canada Games and the CN Future Links.


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT – Don Chandler reported on CN Future Links setup, visiting member clubs in May, setup 2008 Tournament & Event Calendar, organizing the P.E.I. Amateur & Team Trials and the Island Amateur.  He reported we had 28,000 hits on the PEIGA website.   Steve Murray a UPEI student was hired as an Intern for the summer 2008 and we are looking at rehiring him for 2009.


VICE PRESIDENTS REPORT – Don Chandler reported on behalf of Cliff Goodwin, who indicated his big push has been to increase the presence of senior golfers at our events such as the Island Amateur, etc.  He noted that some of the senior golfers are involved with the Course Ratings Committee as well as activities at their own golf clubs.


PRESIDENTS REPORT – Jean Kelly reported thanked the Executive for a very successful year.   She attended two RCGA meetings, the annual meeting in Toronto in January 2008 and in May 2008 a meeting in Oakville, Ontario.

Golf for the Cure was held at Fox Meadows on Aug 18, 2008 with $5090.00 being raised for the Cancer Society.   She indicated all this money comes back to our Province.

The Women’s Grass Roots program was successful again this year with over 60 women participating in learning the game of golf.

The PEIGA is working on a Strategic Plan for 2009.

Jean thanked all the volunteers who help out with the game of golf.


It was moved by Bill Jardine and seconded by Dave Shellington the approval of all reports.  Carried


STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE - Cecil Villard gave an overview of the recommendations from the consulting firm on the planning session held on Jan 9th, 2009 .  It is in draft form and will be on the website once the Executive review it.  Don Chandler mentioned that 4 geographic zones could  be set up with 2 reps from each zone to work and meet with PEIGA replacing the former club governor system which never seemed to work well.

SPONSORSHIP – Don Chandler reported that the sponsorships will continue with Pepsi Bottling Group with $2500.00 to support the Junior Order of Merit Tour and the P.E.I. Junior Championships.   Nike has provided team golf shirts at cost through a local pro shop (Belvedere) & PEIGA would obtain 28 complementary Nike golf bags for our seven traveling teams.

Royale sponsorship for women’s and junior girls championship and senior women’s tour has been discussed with Royale who are awaiting final budget approval.

Dave Shellington reported on Mens Player of the Year and Match Play sponsorship with Dundee Private Investments.   They will be giving gift certificates of $300.00 and $150.00 for the 2009 year.


It was moved by Dave Shellington and seconded by Anthony Warren that this sponsorship be accepted for Mens Player of the Year and Match Play events.  Carried.


PEI AMATEUR & TEAM TRIALS – A committee chaired by Dave Shellington with members  Tim Yorke, Cliff Goodwin, Sherry White and ED Don Chandler met several times in 2008 and their proposal was presented and accepted on Tuesday May 20th at an Executive Meeting.  This committee was set up to tweak the Island Amateur and Team Trials for 2008.


Recommended PEI Amateur & Team trials host courses for period 2009-2015 tentatively:  2009 July 3,4,5,6 – Brudenell, 2010 July 2, 3,4,5 Stanhope, 2011 July 1, 2,3, 4 Belvedere, 2012 July 6,7,8,9 Avondale, 2013 July 5,6,7,8 Glen Afton, 2014 July 4,5,6,7 Summerside, 2015 July 3,4,5,6 Fox Meadow.  It was also recommended that the PEIGA establish a Championship Committee to plan, operate and manage Championship activities yearly.


FINANCIAL REPORT – Don Chandler reviewed the 2008 financial statement which was audited by MacIssac Roach Soloman & Burge, Chartered Accountants.  He advised the members that he arranged a discount with Shawn MacIssac on the cost of doing the financial statements for the next three years.  This reduction, in the form of a sponsorship for CN Future Links,  will be $1500.00 for each of the next three years.

It was brought up about delinquent members clubs and dues not being collected from those members who don’t want it.  Discussion was held with the PEIGA Executive to further investigate matters including a final club payment date, the resolution of clubs not paying or not paying for all members, and the definition of a member.4


It was moved by Kathy Sheppard and seconded by Dave Shellington the approval of the 2008 Financial Statement from MSRB.  Carried.


PROPOSED BUDGET 2009 – Overview of proposed budget for 2009 was given by Don Chandler.  Dues increase to RCGA for 2009 of $3.00 for each adult and junior.

It was moved by Kathy Sheppard and seconded by Brenda MacMillan to accept the dues increase to RCGA of $3.00 for adults and juniors and the proposed 2009 budget.  Carried. The total dues for PEIGA /RCGA membership in 2009 would be $21.00 for ADULTS and $13.00 for JUNIORS.

The public player program was explained by Don Chandler and the added value it would be to golfers who chose not to join clubs, but play green fee golf, can get a handicap card, play in tournaments etc.  An RCGA Golf Card will probably be bundled with this Public Player Program.


APPOINTMENT OF AUDITORS - It was moved by Jean Kelly and seconded by Wayne Levy to have MRSB as the auditors for 2009.  Carried


NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT & ELECTION OF OFFICERS - It was moved by Darren Noonan and seconded by Dave Shellington the nomination and election of Wayne Levy and Dean Campbell as Directors of the PEIGA and acceptance of the existing executive.  Carried



Jean Kelly expressed a need for new volunteers for the PEIGA and for golfing programs.  It was suggested to send out a request and list of volunteer committee needs and program needs to club members at the clubs for them to sign up.

Jean Kelly gave a little information on the Canadian Cancer Society partnering with

PEIGA to help raise money for cancer.  The need to have both men and women involved across P.E.I. and show that the PEIGA is a community minded group.



Morgan Bell – PEIGA Female Player of the Year 2008

Ron Garrett – PEIGA Senior Player of the Year 2008 and Senior Championship 2008

Anthony Warren – PEIGA Amateur Player of the Year 2008

Wayne Levy – Toby MacMillan Award 2008


Motion by Darren Noonan at 12:25 PM to adjourn the meeting.


After the Meeting adjourned, a delicious noon lunch was catered to by Gloria Hastie and her Belvedere kitchen staff.