The 2009 annual meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President Jean Kelly.   28 members attended, the quorum was met and the meeting proceeded.

The agenda was circulated and approved.

Kathy Sheppard, Secretary/Treasurer read the minutes from the 2008 annual meeting.  Minutes were approved as read.

CONSTITUTION & BYLAWS:  Wayne Levy reported that a new constitution was drawn up when the men and women associations amalgamated but never ratified.  Since the amalgamation a new structure was needed and adopted.  Wayne advised members the new constitution was in the package given to members for the meeting.  It was moved by Jim McQuaid and seconded by Cliff Goodwin the adoption of the new constitution and structure.   CARRIED

STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE:    Executive Director Ron McNeil reported on an update to the Strategic Plan and gave a presentation to all members present. Some critical issue updates are as follows: Constitution clarity about mission and role of the association.   Review of the governance of the organization.  Members have been given a copy of the constitution and advised to review it.                                                                                                                                        
a) Identifying value added services such as updated website, Golf Canada initiative major marketing launch.                                                                                                                  
b) Communications – new website within a few weeks.  Information on member golf courses, tee time links, local golf news, junior golf information, links to purchase PEI Golf merchandise with 22% commission back to PEIGA, weather, etc.  Launch of a new logo for PEIGA.                                                                                                                                                             c) Golf development programs – We have partnered with Kevin Champion for a new junior golf development program for next generation of golfers.   We are planning a series of clinics across the province to introduce potential new players to the game.
d) Developed alternative revenue sources such as RBC, Island Coastal (sponsor for Island Amateur).  We are looking into the need for more corporate sponsors.  The Executive have taken a responsible approach to managing the money.                                                                             
e) Develop a more volunteer capacity.

Conclusion: PEIGA will continue to reference the direction it provides.  Many initiatives are on going.    

GOLF CANADA PRESENTATION:  Ron Gardner, Managing Director Membership Development & Services gave a 30 minutes presentation to all members present on driving membership a three year strategic plan.  He spoke on the rebranding to Golf Canada and new logos and thanked PEI for being the first to come on board.  He spoke on Team Canada Club a donation of $500.00 with a tax receipt for $430.00 and $100.00 of this donation goes back to the PEIGA.  He explained the two membership levels base virtual and gold and their differences and value.

Ron Gardner also spoke on the issue of Team Funding, explaining the RCGA lost 37 million last year on the Canadian Open due to poor weather conditions.  This forced them to cut team funding to $200,000.00 for all ten provinces.   The provinces agreed to $20,000.00 each last year (2009).   Ron MacNeil came to PEIGA in Jan 2010 and advised the RCGA that PEI was $10,000.00 short on team funding and would not be able to send teams.  Ron Gardner explained that the RCGA realizes that PEI has a small market and they are working with PEIGA on fixing the funding issue.

PROVINCIAL AMATEUR 2010:  Ron MacNeil spoke on the board’s announcement of funding for seven teams.  Team cost was $55,000.00 which included airline, hotels, and two chaperones for amateur, mid-amateur, senior ladies, senior men, junior boys, & junior girl’s teams.   The $20,000.00 funding given by the RCGA this year meant that the PEIGA had to put in $35,000.00 of which we only have $25,000.00 leaving us $10,000.00 short.  This forced us to be able to send only 4 teams.  We met with the competitive players to discuss the issue with them.   We decided to step back from Team Competition and advised the RCGA a better plan had to come together nationally for 2011.  We felt the players and public had to be informed of our situation immediately.   The RCGA is looking at a way to help us and they are 90% there and we are encouraged that they are trying to help us and Newfoundland.   We should have a confirmation week of April 19th .

PEIGA WEBSITE LAUNCH:  Wayne Levy did a presentation and comparison of the old and new websites.   Ian Barrett helped the association with the development of our new website.  Headings will be: Who We Are Information, Member Benefits, Play Golf, Grow  Golf, and Join Us.   Launch date is mid June 2010.   There will also be links to member courses and tee times.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  Kathy and Ron presented the financial report for 2009 and proposed budget for 2010.    Dues increase for 2010 to $25.00 for adults and $15.00 for junior.  Please see attachment of budget and financial statement.  2009 shows a deficit of $(9,929.00).

REPORTS:      All copies of reports are on file.

EXECUTIVE 2010-2012:  It was moved by Jean Kelly and seconded by Dave Shellington the approval of the new executive as listed below:                                                                                           Executive Director – Ron MacNeil,  President – Cliff Goodwin,  Vice President Women – Debbie Buchanan,  Vice President Men – Wayne Levy,  Secretary/Treasurer – Kathy Sheppard,  Past President – Jean Kelly,  Director at Large – Cecil Villard, Jim McQuaid, Junior Development – Kevin Champion,  Competition – Vacancy

OTHER BUSINESS:   John Schurman questioned the announcement of the RCGA bringing the mid-amateur 2011 to PEI.   RCGA would like to come to PEI, but waiting on decision from the courses and deal with RCGA.

AWARDS:  Dave Shellington announced the awards for 2009.  Female Player of the Year – Morgan Bell, Male Player of the Year – Anthony Warren, Senior Player of the Year – Ron Garrett,  Toby MacMillan Award – Anne Chouinard.

The meeting was adjourned and a lunch of soup and sandwiches was provided by Silver Fox Curling Club.