The 2010 annual meeting was called to order at  9:00 am by President Cliff Goodwin.   21 members attended, the quorum was met and the meeting proceeded.  It was moved by Bob Corrigan and seconded by Cecil Villard the adoption of the 2009 minutes.

The agenda was circulated and approved.

HOLLAND COLLEGE GOLF MANAGEMENT PROGRAM   Paul Murnaghan gave a presentation of Holland College’s Golf Management Program over the past year.  They are helping with the Golf in Schools program as well.

GOLF CANADA PRESENTATION:  Scott Simmons  Golf Canada’s Executive Director & CEO  gave a 45 minute presentation to all members present on Golf Canada’s vision, emphasizing that Golf Canada wants to work collectively, and communicate more with the Provincial Associations and golf members.  The mandate for Golf Canada is growth and development of the game.  He reviewed the Strategic Plan up to 2013.

They want to reverse the trend of declining memberships from 2010-2013 by giving golfers the core message of pride, inspiration, leadership, enjoyment, & integrity.  New slogan is “Love the Game, Grow the Game”.  He talked about the benefits of membership with the new card and network.

They emphasized full support for player development with Team Canada, Junior HP Strategy, CN Future Links, National Golf in Schools, Amateur Development & Coaching Instructor Training Certificate.

PEIGA 2011 ACTION PLAN –  ED Ron MacNeill gave a presentation on the action plans for 2011 in regards to growing the game, junior golf, Golf for the Cure &  membership.

PEIGA WEBSITE LAUNCH:   The new website was shown to all members present giving a short overview of what is on the site.

FINANCIAL REPORT:    Kathy Sheppard presented the financial report for 2010 and proposed budget for 2011.    2010 showed a surplus of $19,402.00 per the financial statements from MRSB Chartered Accountants.  Financial statements are on file.  There will be no dues increase for 2011.

REPORTS:      All copies of reports are on file and available on the website.

AWARDS:  Senior Player of the Year – Ron Garrett presented by President Cliff Goodwin. 

Volunteer of the Year – Ian Barrett presented by Wayne Levy.

NEW BUSINESS:   No new business.

 The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am by President Cliff Goodwin.