The 2011 annual meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President Cliff Goodwin. 16
members attended, the quorum was met and the meeting proceeded. The 2010 Annual
Meeting Minutes are posted on the website.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Kathy Sheppard presented the financial report for 2011 and proposed
budget for 2012. 2011 showed a deficit of $6016.00 per the financial statements from MRSB
Chartered Accountants. The deficit was mainly due to membership dues being down from last
year. Question was asked if all members of clubs pay this and the answer was yes they should
regardless of membership types being full, senior, junior, Mon-Fri, 1 day week etc. Ron
explained membership problem we are having. The proposed budget is $133,500.00 for
revenue and expenditures.

It was moved by Dallas Desjardin and seconded by Dave Shellington the approval of the 2011
budget and the 2012 proposed budget. Motion carried.

REPORTS: All copies of reports are on file and available on the website. Reports are on
Junior Golf, Competition, Course Rating, Golf for the Cure, Executive Director, President’s

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The new executive consist of the following and are for a two year

Wayne Levy – President, Jim McQuaid – Vice President Mens, Debbie Buchannan – Vice
President Womens, Kathy Sheppard – Secretary/Treasurer, Brenda McIlwaine, Tim Yorke, Ron
MacNeil – Executive Director.

It was moved by Merlin Affleck and seconded by Darren Dawson the approval of the new
Executive of the PEIGA.

CONSITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT: Wayne Levy presented a proposed ammendment on
member club voting at annual or special meetings. 75 or less paid individual members in good
standing 1 vote, 76-150 gets 2 votes, 151-225 gets 3 votes, 226 or more gets 4 votes. It was
moved by Dave S hellington and seconded by Dallas Desjardin the ammendment of the
constitution. Motion Carried.

NEW BUSINESS: Steve Dowling of Belvedere Golf Course emailed the PEIGA with regards to
individual membership dues being unfair and not paid by all clubs. Some are paying more than
others and suggested how to make it fair. He suggested charging green fee payers .35 per
round for 2013. Wayne commented that the PEIGA will certainly look at this within the year for
a solution to this problem.

It was motioned by Steve Dowling and seconded by Merlin Affleck adjournment of the PEIGA
Annual Meeting 2011.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.