A meeting of the Board of the PEIGA was held at Sport PEI at 6:00pm with the following members in attendance: President-Jim McQuaid, Vice President- Brenda McIlwaine, Sect’y Treas-Wayne Levy, Tim Yorke, June Moyaert, Evelyn Rogerson, Sherry White, Ryan Garrett, Provincial- Coach Dallas Desjardins and Executive Director- Ron MacNeill.

With a quorum being present President McQuaid called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the June 6th meeting were reviewed and approved as presented.

The proposed agenda was reviewed and approved.

President Jim welcomed Sherry White to the Board and also commented on the excellent results the PEI Team had at the recent Atlantic’s Tournament in Newfoundland where our Team finished in first place with Sherry White, Tim Yorke and Mel Bernard all winning their individual divisions and by doing so winning trips to their respective 2016 National Championships.

The Associations most recent Bank Statement dated August 12th was distributed to all Board members and Ron provided the Board with a recap of revenue and expense for the month, pointed out that annual dues of some $20,000 were owing to Golf Canada and also outlines that a portion of our Provincial Sport Funding as well as Coaching and Junior grant monies were still due to us. While our fiscal year doesn’t end until the end of October it appears that we will generate a small surplus again this year. Ron also pointed out that St. Felix Golf Course changed hands this year and despite repeated efforts to convince them otherwise the course did not join the Association/Golf Canada this year and as a result our membership revenue will be under budget.

Golf Canada’s proposed new membership model for 2016 and the intention to roll it out to courses with less than 250 members was outlined by both President Jim and Ron. Inasmuch as a number of the current Board were not Members when our existing model was adopted Ron recapped how our Association with Golf Canada actually works, the reasons behind our Association having to create a separate Membership Model and the rationale behind it   The suitability of Golf Canada’s proposed plan to the PEI business model and the potential impact its adoption would have on our Association was to the topic of a lengthy discussion. It was the general feeling of the Board that any model that is based on or places emphasis on “membership numbers” will not work on PEI and will result in the inequities that were in place prior to the introduction of our own Provincial Model being created again.

The Board were advised that the Executive have arranged a private meeting with Roland Deveau (the incoming President of Golf Canada) for later this month to discuss a number of issues one of which is the new membership model and the impact its adoption would have on our Association. Ryan Garrett asked if the concerns that some courses have with the fairness of our existing model would be conveyed to Mr. Deveau and more discussion around the existing model ensued including how it was arrived at and that requests to courses for suggested alternatives did not generate any responses. It was also pointed out that a special committee of member courses that was struck last year to review this issue were unable to come up with any alternatives and recommended the existing model remain in place until any new Golf Canada Model could be assessed.

Ron advised the Board that 2015 was the end of the last 10 year rotation agreement with courses for hosting PEIGA events. He indicated the Association would be going out to courses later this year looking for those interested in hosting these events over the next 5 years and that the request would also include the 2017 Atlantics that will be held on PEI.  The conflict that our Island Amateur has had with the Cavendish Music Festival the last couple of years and the impact on entries was raised and we will endeavour to make sure the events don’t conflict in future years. The possibility of moving the Amateur Championship to week days instead of a weekend as has been done in other Provinces was raised and this led to discussions on our entire competitive program. It was suggested that with the Island Amateur also being the qualifying event for selecting the Team for Atlantics that it may be timely to have a look at the event and perhaps “reinvent” it and see if a way of attracting more participants could be found. It was agreed that a committee would be established Chaired by Sherry White be to conduct a complete review of our entire competitive programs and that a preliminary report would be provided the Board by the end of November. Brenda McIlwaine and Tim Yorke volunteered be members of the committee and members of the golfing public will also be invited to participate.

Ryan Garrett raised concerns with respect to the handling of invitations to individuals that would represent us at the Atlantics and the subsequent decision by one individual not to participate and the course of events leading to this decision were outlined.

The 2015 Match Play Tournament will be held at Eagles Glenn this year followed by our year end awards ceremony. It was pointed out that due to a conflict with the Maritime Cup a number of Amateur and Mid-Amateur men may not participate this year and the file would be filled with entries from the other divisions.

Dallas Desjardins provided a detailed report on the 2015 Junior program said that despite a rocky start as a result of some suspensions due to rules violations at events early in the year the overall year was very successful and among the highlights were:

-       Sending 13 player to the Atlantics where Ryan Legault won his division

-       6 players went to Nationals where 3 of them made the cut

-       The members 2016 Development team have been announced

-       10 players attended  the Golf Canada Performance Camp at Fox Harbour led by Robert Ratcliff, Lead Coach of Golf Canada’s Development Squad

-       Golf in Schools continues to be a priority with over 4,000 students having been exposed to the program and the objective of taking it to all schools on the Island within 4 years remains on track.

Dallas pointed out the Future Links Camps have not been well attended this year and that a review of how the program is delivered should be undertaken prior to next year.

Dallas advised that his new role with NGCOA will make it very difficult for him to continue as Provincial Golf Coach and he requested the Association begin the search for a replacement for him. He did recognize the difficulty in finding someone with the necessary Coaching Certification requirements and advised he would continue in the role until a suitable replacement is found and, if necessary, complete the necessary educational requirements.

Ron advised the King of Clubs Tour continues to be very successful and is now into the fall series with 3 more events remaining.

Brenda advised the Senior Ladies Tour has had a good year and now attracts 25 to 30 entries at most events. Their closing event will be held at Belvedere this year. Some discussion was held around bringing more organization/formality to program next year and this was turned over to the Competitive Committee being chaired by Sherry White.

The ongoing need for more Course Raters and Rules Officials was discussed and it was decided that an e-mail would be sent to all PEIGA members on our mailing list seeking interested parties.

Ron advised that we have lost at least one sponsor this year and pointed out that it may be timely to review our entire sponsorship opportunities and structure once the findings and recommendations of the Competitive Committee have been presented and adopted.

Last year’s Ladies First program was discussed and it was decided that a follow up e-mail survey would be sent to all participants to determine if it was successful in attracting new golfers, if it should be continued and, if so, what changes should be made to it.

The next Meeting of the Board will be held on November 17th.

Meeting Adjourned.