November 16, 2015


            A meeting of the Board of the PEIGA was held at Sport PEI at 6:00pm with the following members in attendance: President-Jim McQuaid, Vice President- Brenda McIlwaine, Sect’y Treas-Wayne Levy, Tim Yorke, June Moyaert, Evelyn Rogerson, Sherry White, Ryan Garrett, and Executive Director- Ron MacNeill.

With a quorum being present President McQuaid called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the September 8th meeting were reviewed and after a motion by Tim that was seconded by Brenda were approved as presented.

The proposed agenda was reviewed and approved.

President Jim advised the Board that Keir White had tendered his resignation due to increased time commitment required for a new job combined with additional family responsibilities.

Jim also advised the Board that an invitation had been extended to Dallas Desjardins to sit on the Board in an ex-officio capacity which he has accepted. Jim explained this kind of co-operation should help align the efforts of the two major Golf bodies on PEI (PEIGA and NGCOA) in promoting the game.

Ron provided the Board with a recap of a meeting that the Executive had with Roland Deveau on September 16th. Roland is the incoming President of Golf Canada and a resident of Nova Scotia. Ron pointed out that being the only Golf Canada Board member from Atlantic Canada his is, in essence, our representative on the Board. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a number of concerns that our Association has and these were conveyed to Roland and a good discussion on the issues was held.

Ron also advised the Annual Meeting of Golf Canada was being held in Halifax, N.S. this year from February 23-27th and that all Board Members were eligible to attend. Ron asked everyone to consider doing so and if there was enough interest perhaps some common form of transportation could be arranged.


The 2015 yearend Financial Statement which recorded a loss of $7,490 for the year compared to a loss of $6,490 for fiscal 2014 was reviewed in detail by Wayne and a general discussion on the results ensued.  It was decided that the 2016 Budget would be prepared during a full meeting of the Board that will be held on a Saturday morning sometime in December. It was felt this would give Board Members a better understanding of the operations of the Association and the costs involved in delivering our various programs.




Sherry White then presented a preliminary report prepared by the Competition Committee that was established following the September Board Meeting. A lengthy discussion on all aspect of Competitive Golf and the various tours (Senior Men, Senior Women) now in place ensued. Sherry advised the Committee carried out an extensive on line survey of some 500 golfers across the Island to get their feedback on the issue and once these results are analysed the Committee should be in a position to submit their final report/recommendations to the Board sometime before the first of the New Year.


Jim the provided the Board with a comprehensive report outlining the ongoing negotiations that had been held between our Association and Golf Canada with respect to the implementation of Golf Canada’s new Membership Model. Jim outlined the significant risks the model posed for us given the unique structure of our Golf industry and the difficulties that had been faced in arriving at a workable arrangement that both met Golf Canada’s objectives and at the same time met our revenue requirements.  He advised that details of an arrangement had been worked out, a formal agreement would be finalized shortly and that a workshop with representatives of Golf Canada participating would be held on Saturday, December 12 to introduce the model to Course owners and golfers alike. Further details as to time and location will be advised shortly.


Brenda advised that the Executive had short listed applicants for the Provincial Golf Coach down to three individuals and these were interviewed on Tuesday, November 2nd.  All three applicants were excellent candidates and the selection process was difficult but in the end it was decided that Sean Joyce who is a Class “A” Professional and the Head Instructor at GolfTec in Ottawa would best meet our requirements and he has accepted the position.  Sean and his family will be relocating to the Island the first of January but he will be starting the planning process immediately.


Ron advised we had lost the sponsor for the Island Amateur this year and there was significant opportunity and need for us to attract new sponsors for a number of our programs. Ron has developed a template designed to attract sponsors and a copy will be provided to each Board Member. Following receipt each Board Member was asked to compile a list of potential sponsors that they knew or had relationships with and once this list was compiled a plan to solicit them would be developed and implemented over the winter months.




Jim advised that the 2016 Canada Games would be held in Estevan, Sask. from July 24th to 30th and that we needed to recruit a Team Manager for the games. Given the requirements of the Games the manager would have to be a woman and Board Members were asked to consider taking on the role and/or coming up with the name of a suitable candidate.


Jim reminded the Board of the need to attract a prominent individual to take a leadership in a fundraising drive to build this account to a level where it will be self-sustaining. Board Members were asked to try to identify suitable individuals that may take on this role and forward their names to Ron.


Discussions around the current format for Players of the Year selection were held and it was suggested this process be reviewed once the Competition Committee submits their final report and any changes to the competitive programs are made.

The 2016 Match Play event was discussed and was considered an overall success despite very bad weather and the absence of any Amateurs due to a conflict with the Maritime Cup. A suggestion was made that perhaps the format of the Senior Division should be changed to parallel that of the Women’s Division with strokes be given based on handicaps and this will be discussed with the players to get their opinion.

Last Year’s Ladies First Program was discussed and a follow up e-mail survey with the 97 participants showed the Program was very well received with positive reviews from all participants. It is unfortunate that most of the participating clubs did little follow up with the ladies involved and as a result none joined a course but most are playing more golf.  It was decided the program would be reworked for the 2016 season.

Jim advised the Board that as the Association’s representative on Golf Canada’s Provincial Council he had participated in a conference call of the Council that afternoon and provided the Board with a brief outline of the topics discussed. He also reminded the Board that a nomination for next year’s representative on Provincial Council had to be sent to Golf Canada shortly. This role has traditionally been filled by the President of the Association.

Brenda provided a recap of the Senior Ladies Tour which has grown considerably this year. There were some 220 rounds played by members of the Tour and at an average cost of $50 generated $11,000 in revenue for member courses and when combined with “after game spending” the actual financial impact of the tour was closer to $12,500..



The Board was reminded that our Constitution should be reviewed each year and any proposed changes have to be circulated to member courses and passed at the Annual Meeting. Accordingly the Board was asked to review the Constitution which is posted on our website and advise any recommended changes as soon as possible.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm