Prince Edward Island Golf Association

Minutes of June 13, 2016

Board Meeting


The Meeting was called to order by President, Brenda McIlwaine, at 6:00pm with the following Board members in attendance: Jim McQuaid, Sherry White, Alan Montgomery, Ryan Garrett, Michelle LeClair, Stephen Birt, June Moyart, Keir White, Merlin Affleck and Wayne Levy. Also present were Provincial Golf Coach, Sean Joyce; and Executive Director, Ron MacNeill.

President Brenda welcomed the new Board members and proceeded to speak briefly about her priorities for the coming year the major one being to improve communication between the Association and both member courses and the golfing public. Brenda also thanked Sherry White for agreeing to sponsor the Senior Ladies Tour which will now be known as the “Excel Accounting Services Senior Women’s Tour”.

It was moved by June Moyart and seconded by Sherry White the minutes of the last meeting be approved as posted – Motion Passed.

Ron MacNeill, Executive Director, provided a brief outline of the Association’s current financial position providing details on recent sponsorships that were secured as well as various grants that have been approved for both the Association and the Atlantic Championships. Ron also advised that sales of the new Gold Cards were running ahead of our expectations. Ron then called on Wayne Levy (Treasurer of the Association) to comment on how our year was shaping up. Wayne said at this stage it would appear that total revenues would be well above budgeted figures but that much of this revenue would simply flow through to expense areas but that a surplus should still remain and suggested that a portion of this be used to establish a “Contingency Fund” to cover unforeseen expenses or revenue drops in future years.  The possibility that using any surplus revenues to establish such a fund would impact the Association’s intention to work to lower course facility fees to the National Average was raised and assurances were provided that the Association was committed to reducing facility fees as originally outlined.

Ron then provided an update on the PEI Amateur which is scheduled to be held at Dundarave July 15-17th. Ron explained that last fall a competition committee was formed, Chaired by Sherry White, to review the event and provide the Association with recommendations designed to enhance its appeal to players. The Committee provided a number of recommendations that have been incorporated into this year’s event. Ron said the new on-line registration system is in place and working perfectly, one newspaper Ad promoting the event has already been run and a second one will appear shortly.

Brenda advised that given the age and poor repair of the Amateur trophies it was decided to retire them and in their place new plaques have been purchased. The history from the old trophies is being captured and will be transferred to the new plaques and each year the winners of each division will be provided with keeper trophies.

Ron went on to advise the Atlantic Championships will be held at Fox Meadow in August. Funding for the event has been secured and a Tournament Committee is in place and has already met once to start planning for the event. Given that we do not have a level 4 Rules Official we have secured the services of Laurie Hiltz from New Brunswick to serve as Chief Rules Officials and he will be assisted by our local officials. Ron went on to say that volunteers will be needed and that he will outline the needs in due course and hoped that Board Members will be able to assist wherever possible. He pointed out the event coincides with Old Home Week and we want to provide the participants with a first class event and are exploring various entertainment options for them. Brenda took the opportunity to show the Board a sample of the memento of the event that will be provided every participant as a permanent reminder of their participation and asked Board members to consider the best way to present these to players.

Provincial Golf Coach, Sean Joyce then provided the Board with a comprehensive update on the Junior Program. He advised the ADL Tour is up and running with some 40 registered participants (including 3 girls) and he has secured signs etc. promoting ADL’s sponsorship of the program. Shirts and hats have been provided to all participants and Chris Irwin from Titleist supported the participants with a gift of balls at one of the events.

Sean advised that bags have been ordered for Team members at the Atlantics.

Terra Costello continues to work with members of the development Team on the mental side of their games and Sean is spending 3 hours a week with prospects for next year’s Canada games team. A manager for the Canada Games Team has not yet been secured but Sean is working on this and hopes to finalize shortly.

Sean advised that Golf Canada has recently introduced a new computer based system designed to better identify and track juniors that show potential and he is now busy populating that system with the data for members of our Development Team.

Sean advised that plans are being finalized for Future Links Clinic and he has an objective to run some 25 clinics during the year.

Plans are being developed for the Golf in Schools program in the fall and Keir White, who has been doing a lot with Golf in Schools in his area, will be working with Sean on the program.


Merlin Affleck then provided the Board with an update on the Senior Men’s tour which will now be known as the “Experience Hyundai Senior Men’s Tour”.  Merlin advised that 4 of the 6 spring events have been run with an average of 44 participants. Some 50 players have registered for the spring series and plans are now under way to secure courses and finalize arrangements for the fall series of events.

Brenda advised the Excel Accounting Services Senior Women’s Tour is also under way with two events completed (26 players at Avondale and 28 at Anderson’s Creek) and two remaining.

This being the end of the Reports, President Brenda spoke on the need for Board Members to feel engaged and take an active role in the activities of the Association. With this in mind she outlined a number of roles which she asked specific Board members to consider taking a leadership role in looking after and these were:

Sponsorships – Stephen Birt*

June Moyaert – Golf for the Cure

Merlin Affleck – Experience Hyundai Senior Men’s Tour

Sherry White – Chair Competition Committee and assist with Excel Accounting Services Senior Women’s Tour

Junior Golf Foundation – Keir White*

AGM/Awards Function – Michelle LeClair

Handicap System – Alan Montgomery

*It was pointed out that Keir and Stephen would have to work closely together to avoid and conflicts/duplication in their requests for funds.

Board members were asked to consider their willingness to take on these roles and get back to Brenda by no later than June 30th with their intentions.

Brenda advised she had recently taken the Community Coaching program in Nova Scotia and was working to put together a program for 11 girls from a hockey team who are interested in playing golf and improving their conditioning over the summer months

A general discussion was then held on the new Golf Canada Score Center and the options and benefits it provides players and the need to promote its use whenever and wherever possible. It was also pointed out that the advertising and point of sale support provided by Golf Canada to assist courses in promoting the new Gold cards was sadly lacking.

A date of July 25th at 6:00pm, location to be advised was set for the next meeting.

It was moved by Sherry White and seconded by Merlin Affleck the meeting be adjourned.