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Annual Meeting Minutes

Sport PEI

Saturday, May 14th, 2016


The 2016 Annual Meeting was called to order at 10:00AM by Executive Director Ron MacNeill who advised that President Jim McQuaid was out of the country and passed his regrets on to the Meeting. Eleven member courses were represented, a quorum was met and the meeting proceeded.  The proposed agenda was reviewed and a motion to approve was passed. The 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes have been posted on the Association’s website. It was moved by June Moyaert and seconded by Sherry White the agenda be approved and the motion was passed.

Ron then introduced Jeff Hutt, Regional Director, Maritimes for Golf Canada. Jeff explained that he is also an employee NBGA and is “job shared” 50 % with Golf Canada and 50% with the NBGA. Jeff brought greetings from Golf Canada, and outlined not only his background but also his role as Regional Director. Jeff outlined details of the new membership model and answered some questions on the roll out of the program and also on the capabilities of the new score center.

Financial Report:  Secretary Treasurer, Wayne Levy, reviewed the Financial Statements for 2015 as well as the Budget for 2016. In 2015 the Association incurred an operating deficit of $7,490 which can be attributed to travel expenses to the Atla                  ntic Championship as well as the need to purchase a new computer due the old one failing.  The 2016 Budget, which forecasts a surplus of some $2,500, was circulated to Member Courses as a draft earlier in the year and with no issues raised was subsequently approved by the Board. Copies of the 2015 Financial Statement and 2016 Budget  are posted on the web site and copies were given to all attendees at the meeting. It was pointed out that under the new membership model Golf Canada invoices Member Courses directly, collects the revenue and remits our portion to us. This is directly the opposite of what happened in the past where we collected the revenue and remitted Golf Canada’s portion to the, as a result the budget numbers reflect net figures only.

Wayne proceeded to review the Associations Junior Endowment Fund management of which was transferred to the Community Foundation of PEI last year. The balance of the fund stands at $19,565.54 after paying management fees of some $283 and market value adjustment of $151.  last year was a bad year in the investment markets and the income generated by this money should improve in 2016.

Ron MacNeill reviewed the purpose of the fund with the Meeting and encouraged any courses to keep it in mind if the have any junior members that meet the criteria.

Reports:  The President’s Report as well as The Executive Director’s  are posted on the web site and in addition copies were given to all attendees.

Ron MacNeill provided a brief update on the status of the King of Club’s Senior Men’s Tour while Brenda MacIlwaine provided details of the women’s Senior Tour. Arrangements for both tours have been finalized and a “recreational” division has been added to the women’s tour to encourage increased participation.

Ron MacNeill the provided some general comments on the activities of the Association during the past year. He outlined that much of the work done by the Association is finalized during the winter months and that the past one was a particularily busy one with the role out of Golf Canada’s new Membership Model. He mentioned the model has been well received by both courses and individuals alike with sales of the Gold Cards running ahead of our projections. He also welcomed Green Gables back into the Association.

During the past winter the Association was able to secure the services of Sean Joyce as our new Provincial Golf Coach. Sean brings a wealth of experience to the position and through a new partnership with Sport PEI we will be able to expand Sean’s role to spend even more time developing our Junior golfers.  Ron also pointed out that ADL has come on board with a significant 2 year sponsorship commitment to Junior Golf and their support is greatly appreciated.

In July CountryView Golf Club is hosting Golf Canada’s Atlantic Junior Championship and it is reported the field is already full so it should be a great event. The course is still seeking volunteers to help with the event and anyone interested in doing so should contact Karen at CountryView.

Ron reported that last fall the Association established a Competition Committee under the Chairmanship of Sherry White to review the Island Amateur Event and competitive golf in general. This committee submitted their report / recommendations to the Board over the winter and these changes are being incorporated this year and include return to a full 3 round event that is being held at Dundarave starting July 15th.

Ron advised the Association will be hosting the 2016 Atlantic Championships at Fox Meadow in August. New Brunswick was originally scheduled to host the event this year but had difficulty securing a suitable venue so we offered to switch with them and they will turn host next year.

The Association also setup an on-line registration and payment system for programs and tournaments which will make it much easier to facilitate such transactions and Ron expressed thanks to our webmaster Steven Gamester for the great job he does.

Constitutional Amendments:    Secretary Treasurer, Wayne Levy, advised the meeting that a review of the Association’s constitution is undertaken on a regular basis to ensure it is current and the review done during the past winter identified a number of areas that should be updated.  Copies of the proposed amendments were circulated to Member Courses in advance of the meeting and  were reviewed again during the meeting. The majority were minor changes with the most significant being a recommendation to return the return the voting structure to “one vote per member course”. This had been the structure that was in place for years and was changed a few years ago when the Association introduced a pilot membership model but with the launch of the new Golf Canada Membership Model a return the original format was recommended.  It was moved by Sherry White and Seconded by Steven Birt the changes be approved and the motion was passed.

Nomination Report:   The Nomination Report was presented by Wayne Levy, who, as Past President, chairs the committee. There were three vacancies on the Board for 2016 and all courses were contacted seeking nominations to fill these vacancies and Merlin Affleck was nominated by Stanhope.  In the absence of other nominations Michele LeClair from Glen Afton and Alan Montgomery from Anderson’s Creek/Green Gables   were recruited to serve on the Board.

Following is the Nomination Committee Report for 2016

President – Brenda MacIlwaine

Past- President – Jim McQuaid

Secretary- Treasurer – Wayne Levy

Directors: Steven Birt, Ryan Garrett, Sherry White, June Moyaert, Merlin Affleck, Michele LeClair and Alan Montgomery

It was pointed out that one individual had decided that with other responsibilities they did not have sufficient time to serve on the Board and withdrew their name after the nomination report was circulated to member Courses. Inasmuch as there was not sufficient time to present a revised report to Member Courses in advance of the meeting this vacancy will be filled by the Executive in accordance with Clause 7.c of the Constitution.

It was moved by Ryan Garrett and seconded by June Moyaert that the report be accepted and the motion was passed.

Our new President, Brenda MacIlwaine   then made a few brief comments on her goals for the coming year which include, among other things, improving communication with Member Courses and increasing participation by women and especially Junior Girls.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:55am.