Prince Edward Island Golf Association

Annual General Meeting

Sport PEI

Saturday, November 28, 2016


The 2017 Annual Meeting was called to order at 10:10am by President Brenda McIlwaine. Eleven member courses were represented, a quorum was met, and the meeting proceeded. The proposed agenda was reviewed and a motion to approve was made by Jim McQuaid and seconded by Alan Montgomery, motion passed. The 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes have been posted on the website and a copy was distributed to all attendees. It was moved by Jim McQuaid and seconded by June Moyeart they be adopted as submitted,  motion passed.

President Brenda introduced Roland Deveau, President of Golf Canada, who brought greetings from Golf Canada and mentioned this was his third visit to the Island this year in his role as President of Golf Canada. Roland commented on the recent announcement that Scott Simmons, the Executive Director of Golf Canada was leaving after 10 years in the role. Roland outlined some of Scott’s accomplishments during his tenure. He indicated the search  was now on for Scott’s replacement and that considerable interest has already been shown in position but the Board will take its time  to make sure they get the right person for the job.  Roland drew attention to Jeff Hutt, Regional Director for Golf Canada and said how pleased Golf Canada was to have a Regional Director in place and a resident of the Atlantic Provinces.

Financial Report:  Secretary Treasurer, Wayne Levy, reviewed the Financial Statements for 2016 as well as the Budget for 2017. In 2016 the Association had an operating surplus of $5,595. A decision was also made to accrue an expense of $7,500 towards future Competitive Golf Travel. The Association incurs travel expenses of $10,000 3 years in a row to send a Team to the Atlantics and nothing every 4th year when we host the event. This accrual will enable us to average the costs out over a four year period to make year over year comparisons of the statements easier.

The 2017 Budget which forecasts a $500 surplus, which had already been approved by the Board, was distributed to all attendees and will be posted on the Association’s website. It was pointed out that Gold Card sales are critical if we are to achieve our revenue projections and the co-operation of all member courses in promoting both the Gold and Bronze cards was requested.

Ron MacNeill,  advised everyone that the 2017 budget was based on reducing Course Facility Fees from $2,500 to $2,000 (18 holes) and $1,250 to $1,000. (9 holes) and that our ability to continue reducing facility fees to the desired level ($1,000 for 18 holes and $500 for 9 holes) will be dependent upon increasing Gold Card sales. Ron reminded courses the wholesale price of the Gold Card would increase to the National level of $30. in 2017 and also indicated that both he and Jeff Hutt would be available next spring to help courses promote sales whether this be through holding training sessions for pro-shop staff or meeting with the course membership at large.  Ron  pointed out the Membership Revenue shown on the budget $50,500 is a net figure. Golf Canada now invoices courses directly, collects the revenue and remits our portion to us. Under this arrangement we receive 70% of the first $70,000 in revenue and 50% of any revenues in excess of $70,000.

Reports:  Full versions of The President’s Report as well as the Executive Director’s and the Provincial Golf Coach’s will be posted on the website and are summarized for purposes of the minutes.

In her report President Brenda commented that 2017 was a good year to be President of the Association. The Atlantic Championships were a great success with PEI retaining the title and Tim Yorke and Sherry White winning their divisions.

The Junior Girls Program as well as the Senior Tours for both men and women were great successes.

The Association hired  CPGA Professional Sean Joyce last spring to be the Provincial Golf Coach and he is now working at preparing our Juniors for the Canada Games and also preparing new programs for 2017.

The Association created a special competition committee during the past year to try and encourage increased participation in tournaments and their work will continue into 2017.

Brenda said one of the primary focuses for 2017 will be growing the relationship between the Association, Member Clubs, Players and Golf Canada to help build and strengthen the game.

She extended special thanks to the courses that hosted events during the past year, to sponsors and volunteers, the Board as well as our Executive Directors for their contribution to during the past year.

Executive Director, Ron MacNeill talked about 2016 being a very busy year with the Province hosting both the Atlantic Championship and Atlantic Future Links both of which were very successful.  He advised that based on the recommendation of the Competition Committee the Amateur was expanded to a 54 hole event and changes were also made in the format. The Competition Committee will be doing a follow up survey and further changes may be made in the format based on their findings. The 2017 Amateur is being held at Stanhope and based on previous Amateurs at that Course a large turnout is expected.

Ron pointed out that the Association has done an excellent job in building revenue sources aside from Membership Fees and that revenue from Memberships now represents roughly 40% of our total revenue compared to 80% a few years ago and that efforts to further build alternate revenue streams will continue.

Ron reminded everyone that we had set up an on-line payment system to handle entries to the Amateur, Junior Tour and other events and the system is working very well.

Ron also advised that an approach had been made to the family of Erroll Nicholson and with their agreement the name of the Junior Endowment Fund will be changed to the Erroll Nicholson Junior Golf Fund.

Ron advised that Dr. Jason Pearson has agreed to take over the Men’s Course Rating Team from Wayne Levy who has been doing it for 10 years and welcomed Jason to the role. Ron provided a bit of background on Jason and said how nice it was to see younger individuals prepared to support and give back to the game.

Provincial Golf Coach, Sean Joyce, provided a comprehensive report on the 2016 season advising the ADL Tour was very successful and that our golfers performed very well at the Atlantic Future Links event. Sean advised that that due to his late arrival in the Province not as much was done with Golf in Schools as he would like to have seen but plans are under way to improve participation this year. Sean advised that CN’s sponsorship of the Future Links Program ended in 2016 and a new National Sponsor has not yet been found. As a result we will have to develop our own provincial Plan and he will be working with the Island’s PGA professionals to put one in place.

Sean advised that Tara Costello has agreed to serve as Manager of our Canada Games Team and will be a great addition to the Team as she also provides mental training to them.

President Brenda then introduced Jeff Hutt, regional Director of Golf Canada who provided a comprehensive report on Membership Sales and rounds posted on the score center at each course during the 2016 season.  Jeff pointed out that research has shown that once people start tracking/posting   their scores the number of round they play increases. With this in mind Jeff stressed the importance of getting both Gold and/or Bronze cards in the hands of every golfer and asked the courses support in doing so in 2017. Jeff advised that a number of improvements/enhancements are planned for the score center one of which will be tournament software that will be available to all courses. Jeff also fielded questions from the attendees and acknowledged there were some difficulties with respect to processing Gold Cards in 2016 but new procedures will be in place in 2017 to prevent these from happening again.

Nomination Report:  Past President Jim McQuaid, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, advised that while there were three vacancies on the Board for 2017 requests for nominations from the Courses resulted in one nomination that being Frank Morrison from Stanhope. The nominating committee nominates the following Board members for 2017:

President – Brenda McIlwaine

Sect’y Treasurer – Alan Montgomery

Board Members:

Merlin Affleck

June Moyeart

Ryan Garrett

Sherry White

Keir White

There being no further nominations from the floor the Nomination Report was approved as submitted.


There being no further business a motion to adjourn was made by Wayne Levy and seconded by Merlin Affleck and the meeting was adjourned.