September 20, 2016


            A meeting of the Board of the PEIGA was held at Belvedere Golf Course at 6:30 pm with the following members in attendance: President- Brenda McIlwaine, Sect’y Treas-Wayne Levy, Past-President Jim McQuaid, June Moyaert, Keir White, Sherry White, Ryan Garrett, Merlin Affleck, Alan Montgomery, as well as Executive Director- Ron MacNeill and Provincial Coach Sean Joyce.

With a quorum being present President Brenda called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the June 13th meeting were reviewed and after a motion by Jim that was seconded by Merlin were approved as presented.

The proposed agenda was reviewed and approved.

President Brenda advised the main purpose of this meeting was to review and discuss the delivery of our programs and activities over the past year in preparation for the 2017 planning session that will be held in October.

Amateur Championship: Ron advised that based on the recommendation of the Competition Committee r the format of this year’s Amateur was changed to a three round event with all age groups completing for the Amateur Championship as well as net prizes by division and spots on the team for the Atlantic Championships… The event was held at Dundarave and many favourable comments were received on both the quality of the venue and the excellent condition it was in. Participation in the event was in line with previous years despite the increased entry fee. The revised format proved somewhat complex and confusing and, with the draw being done by score and not division, concerns were expressed by seniors who would have preferred to have been paired with other seniors and not younger players. The possibility of holding separate Senior Championships (men’s and Women’s combined) was discussed and prior to any decisions being made it was suggested the Competition Committee prepare an exit survey that would be sent to all competitors and others to get their feedback on this year’s event as well as suggestions for changes that will be considered for next year’s Amateur that will be held at Stanhope.

Men’s Senior Tour:  Merlin provided a comprehensive update on the Tour advising that 52 players took part in the spring series while 43 were registered for the fall series. There will be 6 events in the fall series with a match play event scheduled for Stanhope. The on line registration has been reasonable well received and the upfront registration fee has greatly simplified operation of the events.

Senior Women’s Tour:  Brenda provided an update on the Women’s Tour which consists of 4 spring and 3 fall events.  Entries range between 24 and 32 players depending on weather, course etc. and the addition of a new recreational division this year has been very well received.

Junior Development Program:  Sean Joyce, Provincial Golf Coach provided a recap of the year’s activities. The Development Team and Junior Tour went very well while the Future Links Program did not prove as popular as in past years. Ron advised the Board that CN’s sponsorship of the Future Links Program will cease after this year and Golf Canada has not yet been able to find a new sponsor. That said they remain committed to the program and will continue funding the major components until a new sponsor can be located. Sean advised that due to his late arrival in the Province Golf in Schools visits were down this year but he is working on a plan to try and involve more PGA pros in the program for the coming year. Sean advised that Keir White has done an excellent job in running the program at schools in his area.

Sean advised the Board of recent discussions he had with representatives from Sport PEI around Elite Athlete Funding and some minor changes that were recommended to both the administration and delivery of our programs to retain this funding and it was agreed these would be built into our 2017 plan at the upcoming planning session.

Girl’s Camp:  Brenda provided the Board with details of the camp recently held at Belvedere designed to introduce young girls to the sport. The idea for the Camp came out of a request from the coach of a girl’s hockey team seeking a way to introduce golf to them and with the co-operation of Belvedere and its staff was expanded and opened to the public. A total of 27 girls ranging in age from roughly 8 to 16 were accepted into the Camp but unfortunately another 14 had to put on a waiting list due to the number of personnel available to run the program. This program was very well received by everyone and the Board would like to run similar programs at 2 or 3 locations across the Province next year if we can find courses interested in doing so. A special thanks was extended to Marshall McMahon, Head Professional at Belvedere for his hard work and contribution to the Camp’s success.

Atlantic Golf Championship:  Ron advised the tournament that was held at Fox Meadow August 18-21st was a great success with the PEI Team defending the championship which it won last year in Newfoundland.  Ron reminded the Board that the NBGA was originally scheduled to host the event this year but were unable to find a venue for the event so we agreed to host this year instead of next. The weather for the event was beautiful, the course was in great shape and everything went off without a hitch. Ron acknowledged the NSGA and NBGA for their help and assistance in running the event and advised it will be held in New Brunswick next year.

Annual General Meeting/Player Awards: This year’s Annual Meeting will be held in either late November of early December depending on when our 2016 Financial Statements will be finalized. Discussion was held around the possibility of incorporating the presentation of Player Awards into the Annual Meetings and it was decided that the awards would get better coverage if a separate presentation ceremony was held with special invitations going to the media to attend the event.

October Planning Session:  Ron reminded the Board that a special 2017 Planning Session has been scheduled for October 22nd and it is intended to review all programs, services, and activities in detail in order to create a detailed strategic/operational plan for the coming year. Ron will create a detailed agenda and time frame for the session to ensure everything is covered in a timely and efficient manner.

Golf Canada Update: Ron advised he had just attended the Fall Meeting of Golf Canada and the Provincial Associations and provided a brief recap of the topics discussed.

Plans for the introduction of a World Wide Handicap System are progressing and it is now scheduled to be implemented in 2020. This initiative is being lead by the USGA, the R&A  as well as other Golf Associations across the world. One of the major challenges is the requirement for some 3,500 golf courses in Europe and China having to be rated under the USGA Course and Slope Rating Program. The USGA and Golf Canada will be seeking experienced raters willing to go to Europe/China to carry out these ratings.

Ron advised the Golf Canada Score Center continues to evolve with more enhancements and capabilities to be included in a new version to be launches during the coming year. The program will be able to provide courses with detailed information around play and member activities that should help them manage their operations.

Ron confirmed that CN’s sponsorship of the Future Links Program will cease at the end of this year and while Golf Canada continues to search for a new sponsor they have confirmed their commitment to maintain funding for the core features of the program but will be looking to the Provincial Associations to provide more assistance in certain areas.

PEI Golf Hall of Fame: The formation of a PEI Golf Hall of Fame, which has been an ongoing objective of the Board for some time, was discussed again and will be part of the strategic planning session to be held on October 22nd.

Other Business:  Wayne pointed out the present method of funding Team that go to the Atlantic Championships ($10,000 in expenses for the 3 years held in other Provinces and nothing when we host) as well as our policy of funding Divisional winners to National Championships resulted in wide variances in our financial statements making accurate year over year and trend analysis very difficult. He moved that the Association establish a Contingency Fund and expense $8,500 into it each year. This would enable these expenses to be accounted for on a more level basis resulting in more accurate annual statements. The Motion was seconded by Jim and after discussion was passed.

Wayne also recommended the Association revisit its expense policy with respect to both local travel and out of Province Travel and it was decided that Ron would draft an updated policy for review at the October planning session.

Meeting Adjourned.