This has been a great year to be President of the Prince Edward Island Association as it has been a very successful year.

We had the opportunity to host the Alantic Championship which were a major success for the Association and all the Amateur players who defended the title of Alantic Champions.

The Association mandate to grow the game continued with a new Jr Girls Program with outstanding results. We intend to repeat the program in 2017 with some expansions throughout the Island.

The Sr. Tour for both the Women and Men’s program once again this year was a major success, looking forward to 2017.

The association has hired a new Provincial Coach Sean Joyce. His continue support to the Association and the team for the Canada Games is outstanding…we will be looking for some great results at the Winnipeg Canada Games. Sean is also preparing new programs for 2017.

The Association has also formed a new competition committee which is trying to find the best possible way to increase the numbers that play in our events so we can have more successful tournament for the players and our member clubs.

The Association and Golf Canada worked very hard this year to promote the new membership program which has many benefits for the players. The member clubs in return will also benefit as the sale of the card increase as their facility fee will decrease.

We will do our best next year to promote the card and explain the many benefits that the card holds.

The intention this year is to continue to grow the relationship between our Association with the players,member clubs and Golf Canada.

Special thanks to

Countryview for hosting the Alantic Jr. Tournament (The Currie Family)

Fox Meadow for hosting the Alantic Championships. (Paul McCormick & Paula Hanson)

Excel Accounting Services for sponsorship of the Sr. Women’s Tour.(Sherry White)

Experience Hyundai for the Sponsorship of the Men’s Sr Tour (Darren Noonan)

Dundrave for hosting the Island Amateur (Ryan Garrett & Staff)

Courses that hosted all the Men,Women and Jr Tournaments.

Jeff Hutt our Golf Canada Representative for his assistance.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the Board of Directors for the many hour that they donated to meetings, Course Raters, Rules Officials and Competition Committee for their hours of dedication to the Association.

A special thank you to the Executive Director Ron MacNeil for all his continued help to me and your Association.

This is my first year of a two year term, looking forward to another successful year so until next year……

Happy Golfing

Brenda McIlwaine