The PEIGA is charged by the RCGA with the responsibility to determine the measurements including course and slope ratings for all courses in the Province.

Course Rating is an objective evaluation of difficulty based on playing factors including effective length; roll; elevation; forced lay-ups; prevailing wind; topography; fairway width; green size, speed and contour; rough and recoverability; bunkers; hazards; out-of bounds; tress and so on.

Slope Rating is an integral part of handicapping and its value measures the relative difference in difficulty in playing the course for a scratch and bogey golfer. The Slope Rating is then used to adjust the player’s handicap index to account for this difference.

Whether it is the Course Rating or Slope Rating the system is designed to ensure players can be equitably compared – whether it is at one course or different courses.

We measure and/or rate any course where there have been physical changes made that would impact how the course is played (ie: yardage changes, new bunkers, greens, water hazards and so on). A newly constructed course is rated once every three years until it is 9 years old while established courses are rated at least once every 10 years.

Accuracy and consistency are key to effective course rating.  Measurements and ratings are conducted by experienced raters who are volunteers of the PEIGA.

This year proved to be another good year for course rating on Prince Edward Island. Through the efforts of a very dedicated group of volunteers we were able to complete, or update, some 10 course ratings (men’s and ladies) and our ratings are now all current and well within Golf Canada Guidelines.   We would remind all courses to advise us of any material changes made to their course (changes in fairway widths, green speed, rough height, new tees, new bunkers etc. etc.) so we can determine if any changes to the rating is required.

Participating in the Course Rating process gives one a better understanding of not only what makes a good hole but how use better course management in playing the game. We have openings on both the men’s and ladies rating teams and would welcome anyone who is interested in helping the PEIGA in this very important area.

On behalf of the PEIGA we want express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the outstanding dedication and effort put forth by members of both rating teams during the past year – your efforts were invaluable and are truly appreciated.

Respectfully Submitted

Joyce MacLellan & Wayne Levy                                                                                                                                                          

Co-Chairs, Course Rating, PEIGA