Rules and Regulations


2017 ADL Junior Golf Tour

Information Sheet


 The tournament draw will be released 2 days prior to the event

 Event results will be posted to the PEIGA website within 2 days

 Prizes will be awarded in the form of gift certificates from the host club

 Please register at each event at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tee time and arrive to the tee 5 minutes before teeing off

 Players will be playing certain tees (red, white, blue) based on division. Since every golf course has different sets of tees and yardages, this will vary from course to course

 Golf Canada Rules will govern all play

 Under no circumstances will cheating be tolerated.  If at anytime during an event you are unsure of what to do, play a second ball and we can determine the correct course of action

 If you think someone you’re playing with is knowingly cheating (improving your lie, dropping a ball, not counting a stroke) please bring it to the on-site tournament coordinators attention.  There is nothing wrong with identifying someone who isn’t playing by the rules

We will do our best to accommodate special requests (tee times, pairings) but we cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled

 The most important part about these events is to have fun and make some new friends.  EVERYONE will have a bad round at some point, just try and learn from it.  Remember, your scores are not a reflection of who you are!

 If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Sean Joyce at 902-330-5476 or


  • Golf Canada Rules will govern all play
  • A local rules sheet will be provided at each venue
  • Scorecards are to be signed and turned in at scorers table
  • Measuring devices for distance only are permitted during play
  • Cell phone use (including GPS applications) is not permitted during play
  • Please report to the first tee 5 minutes before your tee time
  • Pace of play will be monitored, each event will have a specific time that the round must be played in, details will be on local rules sheet
  • Any misconduct will lead to possible stroke penalties or suspension
  • Adhere to all club policies including dress code
  • The draw will be posted on the PEIGA website 2 days prior to any event. If you can not make an event please advise prior to this
  • Any player may ask for a special time but will not be guaranteed


We will have a zero tolerance for any issues involving any form of cheating. While this does not include miss understanding of rules, it includes any form of taking preferred lies, gimmies, marking incorrect score, etc. Any player deemed to have incurred these types of infractions, witnessed by more than one 1 person, will be suspended from the tour for the remainder of the season with no refund.