Adherence to the Place of Play is the player’s responsibility Warnings will not be issued to slow groups,Advise rules officials ASAP of a slow player in your group

Rule 6-7, Undue Delay, Slow Play states: “The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.”

EXPECTED TIME – This is the time within which all groups must play each nine holes. An Expected Time will be given for the front nine and back nine, e.g. the Expected Time for the 1s* nine might be 2:15 and for the 2nd nine 2:10. When a group falls behind, whatever the reason, it must regain its position. Time for ball searches, rulings and walking time between holes is included in the Expected Time.

Each group’s starting time will be recorded on a time card at the start of each round. The group’s time will be noted when the flagstick is replaced at the end of each 9 holes. If the group is within the Expected Time and less than 13 minutes behind the group in front, no action will be taken, although the group may be warned if they are failing to keep up with the group ahead.

First Group – The first group is out of position and subject to penalty if they complete the first nine and/or second nine holes over the Expected Time

Following Groups – Following groups are out of position and subject to penalty if they complete the first nine and/or second nine over the Expected Time and complete play of the 9th/18th  hole more than 13 minutes (13:00) after the preceding group completes play of that hole.


Group is Out of Position upon completion of first nine holes  1 Penalty
Group is out of Position upon completion of second nine holes 1 Penalty Stroke
Second breach upon completion of 18 holes 2 Stroke Penalty 
(Total of 3 strokes)