Tournament Policy


All PEIGA tournaments are conducted using the Conditions of Competition and Local Rules adopted by the PEIGA. Copies of these documents are available on the PEIGA web site, the PEIGA office and will be available at the tournament. The Prince Edward Island Golf Association reserves the right to decline or withdraw any entry at any time


The  clock at the tee (1st or 10th) where the player begins his/her stipulated round indicates the official tournament time. Starters will not page players in advance of their starting time. Players should report to the tee one starting interval prior to their starting time


All competitors must be a member of a recognized provincial, state or national golf association and submit with their entry form a photocopy of their official membership card. The membership card must also be available for inspection at the registration table. Note: Entrants must be eligible to play in club and zone tournaments.


All entries must be received by mail, fax or on-line by the entry deadline. Phone and email entries will not be accepted. Payment must accompany all entries. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure entries arrive at the PEIGA offices on time. Please check the PEIGA web site to ensure your entry has been received. The PEIGA does not assume responsibility for entries lost in the mail or by courier or by fax.


All information for specific tournaments, such as information regarding practice rounds, pairings and starting times will be available on the PEIGA web site approximately 3 days before the tournament commences.


A competitor withdrawing during the course of the event must immediately fill out a Withdrawal Form. The reason must be on medical or compassionate grounds acceptable to a tournament official. Failure to do so may result in suspension from all of next year’s events sanctioned or conducted by the PEIGA. A “no-show” will be deemed an unauthorized withdrawal.


Tournament entry fees, less a $25.00 service charge, will be refunded when the PEIGA is notified by phone, email or through on-line cancellation at least 7 days prior to the tournament. Refunds, less the service charge, for any cancellation within 7 days of the tournament will only be given for medical or compassionate reasons. Such cancellations require written confirmation. No refund will be given for any reason once the tournament begins.


Power carts are permitted in the PEIGA Championships. Caddies are permitted in all tournaments except all junior events.


Selection to teams representing PEI is open only to players belonging to the PEIGA and who have been residing in Canada for one year and in PEI for at least three months. Selection will be based primarily on play in PEI events however, the PEIGA reserves the right to consider other matters in the team selection at its sole discretion.


Each Sanctioned Tournament must have at least one PEIGA approved Rules Official available on site at all times during tournament play.