The purpose of this policy is to give direction to Board members, volunteers and players travelling on behalf of the Association. The policy sets out the basis for compensation as well as requirements for the reimbursement of expenses.

Board Members and Volunteers

Board members and volunteers attending meetings or working at P.E.I.G.A. tournaments or events will be entitled to claim mileage to and from their home and the meeting or event. The rate of mileage compensation will be 50% of the current CRA posted allowance. Board members and volunteers may also claim meals by submitting reasonable receipts. Board members and volunteers will use the Association’s Expense Claim form.

Players (Atlantic Golf Championship)

Except when the tournament is held in Prince Edward Island up to 20 players will be invited to represent the P.E.I.G.A. at the Atlantic Golf Championship. Each invited player will receive a $375 travel subsidy to attend the tournament.

Players (National Golf Championships)

Players who win their respective division at the Atlantic Golf Championship and as a result receive an invitation to play in a National Golf Championship will receive the following travel support:

* Tournament entry fee

* Accommodations up to 5 nights. Reimbursement will be up to the equivalent daily rate for the host hotel.

* Travel. If the tournament is in one of the three Maritime provinces and provided they use their own vehicle the player may claim mileage as per the compensation rate for Board members and volunteers. If the Championship is outside of the (3) Maritime provinces the player may claim airfare or if they choose to drive their vehicle the economy air fare equivalent. If a player chooses to drive to a Championship and if it is more economical the Association may require the player to use a rented vehicle.

*Meals. A player may claim up to $50 per day for meals, not including alcohol, based on the number of nights of accommodation claimed.

* Taxis. When no complimentary shuttle service is provided the player may claim taxi service between the airport and the hotel.

In all cases the player will provide the Association with receipts for all of the above eligible expenses in his or her name.

Junior Players

The Association will annually assist a maximum number of juniors with travel as per the following:

4 junior boys and 2 junior girls to attend the National Junior Championship – $500 travel subsidy per player.

The exact number of junior players eligible to compete at either a regional or national junior championship in any year will be determined by performance criteria established by the Association Junior Golf Committee. If the performance criteria is not met the player will not receive any travel subsidy from the PEIGA.